Since 1996 Capit has been the leader in the production of professional tyre warmers, a sector in which the Italian company has assumed over the years a leading role in the national and international market, thanks to the experience, research and collaborations with the best teams of the car and motorcycle world championships.  A success that comes from the continuous evolution of products, which Capit guarantees through the constant experimentation and introduction of new materials and new technology.  Capit tyre warmers are produced in their own Italian headquarter and they directly manage the study, development and realization of every single component of its products: textile, electrical and electronic.  The materials chosen, the technology and the manufacturing methods used are of high quality in order to ensure a higher reliability and superior warranty. 


Capit tyre warmers are designed to ensure that the tyre quickly reaches the pre-set temperature, keeping it constant and without change.  An aluminium spreader sheet keeps the heat inside spreading it out across the tyre homogeneously.  The self-regulating Capit cable is indestructible and is not ruined if crushed by the weight of a bike or car.  Being very durable it excludes the risk of electric shock even after many years.  Today, Capit exports “made in Italy quality” all over the world and its products are used by the main MotoGP teams.


Tyre warmers that use other technology (bimetallic thermostat for example) do not allow a constant temperature to be maintained.  There is no homogeneous temperature diffusion, so that on the different tyre areas there could be a difference of over 20 °C of temperature.

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